I am creating a new line of products that are intended as relaxing background music for hypnosis, guided meditations and holistic healing. This music is well suited for hypnotherapists, holistic healers and meditation teachers looking for royalty-free background music to enhance their sessions, CD productions, downloads and videos.
Shamanic beats
High quality, Royalty-free drum beats for your shamanic journeying and healing work.
Crystal bowl music
Sister meditations - Download for free!
More music for hypnosis, guided meditations and holistic healing
Awakening to the Deep Blue sea
A beautiful deep piece especially created for hypnosis sessions.
Organic meditations
A couple of delicate crystal bowl pieces.
Chanting & drumming
Free drones for chanting & drumming!
These music drones are intended as background tracks to help you with your chanting & drumming practices.

These tracks are composed with great care and subtle nuances. You are listening to evolving drones with recorded bells, Tibetan bowls, chimes & an Indian shruti box. They will be an inspiring companion for visualisation & meditation techniques too.

The volume of these tracks have been crafted at maximum loudness to suit your mobile devices. This will make it easy to play and sing without using an extra loudspeaker.

Ambient music

My 2nd ambient solo album: Falling Inside. (2017) Digital download and CDs are on sale!
A new Earth EP - an ambient groove track
Download for free!
mhØ first album Making Shifts was released on Bandcamp! Digital download and a Limited Edition CD are on sale!