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Mac OS X running
Logic Pro X
Ableton Live
Studio One 3
Final Cut Pro, Motion
Native Instruments Komplete 11, Heavocity Damage
NI Maschine & 12 expansion kits
NI Traktor
Many East West sound banks including Hollywood Strings, Woodwinds and Brass
Waves Platinum bundle + extras
iZotope Nectar, RX2, Alloy2, Iris
Big collection of sound banks from Sonicouture
AAS - Chromaphone, String studio VS-2
Beautiful sound banks from Spitfire
Arturia MiniLab
A few really nice plugins from Mc DSP
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RME UFX Fireface
Audient ASP008
Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK mixer
Euphonix/Avid Artist Mix
Roland keyboard FP4
Novation Zero SLMKII
Livid alias 8
NI Maschine: MKII, Mikro
Arturia BeatStep, MiniLab
Traktor F1
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Dynaudio BM6 studio monitors
Dynaudio sub BM9S II
NAD C320BEE Amplifier
2 x QSC K12 stage monitors
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Pair of DPA’s 2011C
AT 4033a
AT 825
Neumann KMS 105Bk
2x Lewitt LCT 540
Shure SM57
Soundman OKM II
MS kit of Sennheisers MKH 30 and MKH 60
Sennheiser E 835
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AKG K702
3x Sennheiser HD25-1 II
Sennheiser Momentum
2x Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear
Monster Inspiration
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Field recorders
Sound Device 702 with a MS kit of Sennheisers MKH 30 and MKH 60, a Rycote windshield
ZOOM H4n and ZOOM H4n Pro
Tascam HD-P2
A special head windshield for the Soundman OKM II for binaural recordings
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Synthesizers and electronic instruments
Arturia MiniBrute
Moog Mother 32
Strymon pedals: Blue Sky, Timeline Delay
Folktek Luminist Garden
Korg Wavedrum Dynamic Percussion Synthesiser
Home made circuit bend junk!
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Acoustic instruments
2 drumsets: an old Ludwig trap set and a Black Panther Mapex with 6 toms
different cymbals mainly Zyldian
5 octave marimba Adams
Vibraphone Yamaha YV2700
2 octaves of medieval bells bought from the Whitechapel bell foundry in London
1905 Schmidt et Nagel (Swiss make) upright piano, gorgeous sound, tuned 1/4 of a tone lower

Natural skin drums: djembé, congas, tablas, loads of frame drums, darbouka, bendir, riq, tamburello, etc.

Percussion instruments from balinese gongs to japanese bells and a few amazing antiques…
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3 extra panels for sound separation made out of wood, plexiglass & auralex

A very good selection of teas, an excellent stock of Swiss chocolate and some organic dried fruit
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