Margaret Harmer

A music producer is only as good as his perceptions & artistic tastes.
A sound engineer is only as good as his listening skills.
I am a classical trained musician. I have a degree in percussion and a master in music education from la Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva. I have successfully completed 8 online courses and obtained a specialist certificate in music production at Berklee Online in 2013 and currently pursuing an Advanced certificate. I have completed a course in Native Instrument's Maschine at Dubspot online. I have studied field recording with Chris Watson and Jez French Riley.

I teach percussion & drum set classes to children, adolescents and adults. I teach a class in electronic music. I give professional trainings for music teachers and schools.

I have played in many ensembles in different musical styles. I currently perform a lot of early music (renaissance and medieval) in different ensembles. I also play in a ethnic-jazz trio: Lemon Soul Trio. I have released 2 solo ambient albums : making Shifts and Falling inside and have produced an album Voices from Eris with 15 women electronic music composers from around the world. To view the Bandcamp store